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World-Class Hedge Fund Research & Services


Meet Thomas Thornton, founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry. You will have unprecedented access to customized research and information from well-known firms and figures in the industry. Our goal is to bring you inside the hedge fund world and offer you unique perspectives and insights unlike anything else coming from Wall Street.

A Look Inside



A brief pre-market note to get you quickly up to speed on what happened overnight and to start your day up to speed.


A midday note that covers all macro markets with an emphasis on US, European, and Asian equity markets.


The best interactive charts incorporating the Daily Sentiment Index data with 45 markets.


A straight to the point weekend note that lays out everything to prepare you for the week ahead with the most important catalysts and focus.


Separate subscription required.  Discounted rate with a current Hedge Fund Telemetry subscription.

  • Experienced hedge fund sector specialists with a weekly comprehensive note out each Sunday with frequent updates throughout the week including many trade ideas. Higher tier one on one access to analysts is available.


Actionable long and short ideas focused on US equity markets and major most liquid ETFs.


  • Webinars include updated real-time live analysis over specific markets
  • Monthly and sometimes bi-monthly overview with Erlanger Research to discuss current short interest data
  • Educational webinars to discuss how to use a particular market indicator such as the DeMark Sequential or how to interpret and use the Daily Sentiment Index data
  • ChartBooks are brief actionable webinar videos that quickly zip through annotated charts of a sector, a group of markets, major ETF’s (30 seconds per chart)

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Thanks for the great work and insight ! I was leaning bullish on equities but your work has gotten me to believe what I didn’t believe.

I saw you on Realvision and signed up. That was a smart decision.
It has been fascinating. And very worthwhile. I sort of can’t believe it sometimes, to watch you in action and then see the results.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for you for your continued great council. My clients (met) equity exposure was 12%, with 30% cash. We avoided the biggest downside move in my career. Keep up the great work!

Good Stuff!

Tom nice call Bitcoin. You’ve had some solid calls since I initially saw your Tweets and subsequently subscribed to your service. Good Stuff!

This is great. The portfolio I manage is 70% Fixed Income with a tilt to EM, so I really appreciate the currency charts and sentiment charts. Keep it coming.

I love your service — especially that you continually look all around for opportunities!

Thanks for your mail. Your work is informative and I have seen you put a descent amount of work in. Keep up the good work.

Tom as always the webinar was very well done with a lot of great information.

I have been chewing over the DeMark primer, gradually letting it sink in. I think that is happening, and so I want to thank you for doing the primer – it is very helpful in getting to grips with the indicators. I am finding it easier to understand and assimilate

I have subscribed to a lot of institutional research over the years and Hedge Fund Telemetry is by far the best. Your grasp of the DeMark indicators is solid, and they offer many actionable trade ideas that work!

Thanks as always for your work. By far the most actionable I have come across.

Private Investor

I would like to congratulate you on the offering you have built. I find it extremely valuable and as a private investor I am sure that it will become one of my go-to services.

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