The Week Ahead: June 30, 2019

by | Jun 30, 2019 | The Week Ahead

To start this holiday shortened week, month, and new quarter will be the takeaways from the G20.  Investors had been widely anticipating a "ceasefire" that avoids incremental tariffs (check) and sets the stage for negotiations to resume (check) but the Huawei news which will allow US tech companies to sell products to them is a positive but as we heard from Micron this week they had already discovered a workaround.  
ISI Evercore's Chine research team summarized it well.  Plenty of ritual, positive empty language, no tariffs rolled back, and no resolution time frame.  So, no clearing of the air for global corporations (where to produce, invest, hire or source), and leaves the US-China economic issues unresolved.

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