First Call January 17, 2020

by | Jan 17, 2020 | First Call

  • S&P futures up 0.3% in Friday morning trading
  • S&P and Nasdaq bullish sentiment at 92% and 93% now with S&P and Nasdaq indexes with upside DeMark Sell Countdown 13's
  • Asian markets mostly higher overnight with Japan and Australia among the standouts.
  • European markets seeing good gains.
  • Treasuries mostly weaker with curve steepening and yields actually slightly lower on the week despite positive risk sentiment.
  • Dollar outperforming euro and little changed vs yen. Gold up 0.5%. WTI crude up 0.6%.
  • "50 Cent" VIX buyer has been active as seen by the Hedge Fund Telemetry Institutional Options Team
  • David Tepper talking “continue to be long” if you guys have followed closely over the year could be another “Tepper top”
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