Algos Can Also Sell… Who Knew!?

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Daily Note

  • Algo's have learned to sell.  Who knew?!!
  • Equity sentiment is breaking and not oversold yet
  • Stocks are also not oversold yet enough
  • For the first time since early Fall there are more DeMark buy signals within the S&P on a daily time frame
  • I'm headed into NYC today to be on Bloomberg at 2:30 EST.  
  • I'm talking about Gold which I have liked long since November 
  • Some wild moves on equity indexes today especially in Europe and Asia
  • US 10 year yield will get the DeMark Countdown 13 tomorrow but will it be the low?
  • Some more Energy stuff with some downside DeMark buy Countdown 13's but not on WTI 


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