First Call March 19, 2020

by | Mar 19, 2020 | First Call | 0 comments

  • Thank you to everyone who sent nice comments and wishes yesterday. Little Charlie and his parents are doing great and will be home later today. His grandparents are excited to meet him later today.
  • S&P futures down 2.4%, near worst levels, after equities sold off again on Wednesday with the Dow and S&P both down more than 5%.
  • Treasuries seeing good gains across the curve, likely helped by a big rally in European bonds (particularly Italy).
  • Dollar strength still the big story in FX, fueling speculation about the potential for coordinated intervention.
  • Gold down 0.6%.
  • WTI crude up 8.3%, though off best levels, after falling nearly 12.5% on Wednesday on the back of the latest price war concerns.
  • I WILL BE BUYING SPY, QQQ today on the open for the Trade Ideas Sheet
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