Curve Steepening

by | May 6, 2020 | Daily Note | 0 comments

  • Focus on the bond market and the 2/10 spread - It's an important development as I see yields rising which a lot of assets don't want to see
  • The RSP S&P Equal Weight looks like it has set a lower high¬†
  • The USD is re-emerging higher again while the crosses are falling - This will also have a lot of implications
  • Gold and Crude are down today and I'd like to buy both a little lower
  • The move in the Nasdaq vs SPX ratio is unsustainable
  • Volatility is likely to increase in the coming days
  • 20 million unemployed on the ADP report today and the survey was taken back on April 12th so there is likely a lot more unemployed - tragic


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