First Call Septemeber 24, 2020

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Daily Note | 0 comments

  • S&P futures down 0.35% after US equities came under renewed pressure on Wednesday with the S&P down the most in two weeks.
  • Added a few extra charts on today's note - USD Index, Credit Spreads which are widening
  • Asian markets hit overnight with South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong all down over 1.5%. Japan fell by just over 1%.
  • European equities lower.
  • Treasuries mixed with some curve flattening.
  • Dollar firmer vs yen and euro and still on track for big weekly gains.
  • Gold down 0.3% after falling more than 2% yesterday with real yields highest in two months.
  • WTI crude up 0.3%.
  • Here is the link again from yesterday's webinar The passcode is 8kEt^r#z
  • It's best to type it in vs cut and paste. It's case sensitive
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