First Call October 6, 2021

by | Oct 6, 2021 | First Call | 0 comments

  • S&P futures and Nasdaq futures down 1.1% in Wednesday morning trading after US equities caught a big bounce on Tuesday with both the S&P and Nasdaq up over 1%. 
  • Asian markets are down hard. Shanghai is still closed.
  • European markets are down hard again with charts on the note.
  • Treasuries are weaker across the curve with 10-year yields around the key 1.55% technical level. 
  • Dollar rallying on most of the major crosses a bit weaker vs yen.
  • Gold off 0.4%. 
  • Bitcoin flat, holding above $50K. 
  • WTI crude down 0.3%.
  • Natural Gas reversed from positive to negative now down 4%.
  • Crude and Natural Gas bullish sentiment in the extreme zone
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